Facebook Mobile Login

Facebook is the most popular social network in the World. Thanks to Facebook we can communicate with people around the world. We can also have a lot of fun playing games, taking quizzes and reading comments from our friends. If you are unable to login from the computer you can easily login to Facebook from your mobile. This way you can use Facebook when you are travelling , when you are standing in a long line or eating something out. You can also warn your friends instantly about traffic jams, tell them about something weird that just happened to you or something else.

To do a Facebook mobile login you need to navigate with your mobile browser to this address: http://m.facebook.com/. You should also know that Facebook has an agreement with some mobile carriers and allows you to use Mobile Facebook for free, to check if you have that option you should navigate to http://0.facebook.com/. If your carrier does not allow free Facebook mobile login you must know that you will be charged standard data charges (contact your carrier for more info).